Are There Different Techniques For Different Birds?

Birding is a comprehensive study of the behavior of the bird in its natural habitat. Since different birds have different habitats, it is important to make the necessary changes in one's methods and techniques as and when necessary.

Viewing marine birds requires knowledge of not just the behavioral patterns of the birds but also details of the tides and the wetlands in and around the region. Marine birds may spend most of their time over the open water and birding enthusiasts may require a covered area to enjoy protection from the elements. Standing in the sun for hours at a stretch may leave you unable to focus on the birds.

Predator birds like eagles soar at a very high distance and swoop down very quickly. In such a scenario, a spotting scope attached to a good quality digital camera may be the only option to record its flight. The video can then be played at a slow speed to observe the bird in flight.

Birds found on land may be easier to observe but one must be prepared to handle insects and other such pests when entering wooded areas. A lot also depends on the scale of operations. A birding trail trip will require equipment and supplies for camping and trekking along with the basic equipment required for birding.

A person interested in capturing the birds on the digital camera should prefer sun rise for best photos. On the other hand, a person who can simply sketch the image can choose to observe birds during sun set as well.



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