How to Photograph Birds

Use of high quality cameras to capture photograph of birds during birding expeditions was restricted to rich enthusiasts who could spend a lot of money on their hobby. However, the availability of low cost digital cameras means that even amateur enthusiasts of birding can capture high quality photographs.

Before cameras became popular, enthusiasts simply sketched the bird in their field journals. Today, it is possible to maintain photographic records of each and every bird that one has observed. To do so, it is important to understand the basics of photography so that one captures all the essential details of the bird.

Apart from choosing the right camera and lenses, it is important to get the basics of photograph right when birding. Instead of having the bird at the center of the frame, one should try to incorporate as many details of the habitat as possible. This will help record contextual details of the bird watching experience.

Capturing an image with the light shining from behind will only result in a silhouette without clear details of the bird’s characteristics. On the other hand, a position where there is adequate light from the back and the sides will result in high quality images.

Proper understanding of the behavior of the bird and its interaction with its habitat will help take better photographs. The bird will always face the wind when it is taking off. Keeping this point in mind will help capture the image before the bird takes flight. Understanding the basics, being innovative and spending time in the field is the best formula to take better bird pictures.



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