Birding FAQs

Bird watching is a practical hobby where learning takes place primarily on the field. Using field guides will help only when one is actually observing the bird and comparing theory with real life. Hence, mere text book learning will not help a birding enthusiast beyond a specific level.

It is a misconception that birding takes time or is very expensive. One can join a group and use common resources until one is prepared to spend for the hobby. Even then, one has the option of pooling in resources with other friends to reduce the cost involved.

Does birding involve something more than spending time watching birds? Definitely. Birding enthusiasts have been called upon by government and conservation agencies to carry out census and other activities related to birds. Since birding enthusiasts like spending time in nature, they make excellent advocates of environmental protection and conservation.

Is birding boring? It cannot be much of a hobby if one finds it boring. It may not be easy to grasp in the beginning but can become very addictive as one takes more interest.

Why Birding? Why Is It So Popular?

Birds have always been an object of fascination and interest for mankind because of their ability to fly. As man's thirst for scientific knowledge grew, birds were observed and analyzed for their ability to fly and also because they formed a part of the complex ecosystem on our planet. Modern interest in birding is high because birds are beautiful and fascinating creatures with unique charac...


What Is Meant By Jizz? Does Birding Have Its Own Language?

Jizz refers to the general characteristics of the bird. It is used to describe its general shape, size and behavior. The specific field marks upon the crown, wing and the body are not a part of the jizz. This is useful in determining the general species of the bird. Experienced birders can determine if they have observed a particular bird in the past by consulting their records and field journal...


Are There Different Techniques For Different Birds?

Birding is a comprehensive study of the behavior of the bird in its natural habitat. Since different birds have different habitats, it is important to make the necessary changes in one's methods and techniques as and when necessary. Viewing marine birds requires knowledge of not just the behavioral patterns of the birds but also details of the tides and the wetlands in and around the region...


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