How to Attract Birds

Bird watching will not be fun if one has to travel huge distances for the same. Traveling a lot may be unavoidable when visiting a birding trail during a vacation. However, traveling many miles on a daily basis for bird watching may not be practical. In such a scenario, attracting birds to your home or backyard makes a lot more sense. 80% of all bird habitats in America are in private hands. Making necessary changes to your backyard will help you enjoy the pastime without stepping out of your house.

The first step should be to set up bird feeders in the backyard. Birds are simple creatures looking for food, shelter and mates. Provide any or all these requirements and you will automatically have a bird friendly backyard. You can buy bird feeders from the internet or can make one yourself. You will have to restock the feeder regularly and also carry out timely maintenance. The next step should be to setup a birdbath for birds to enjoy access to water. Set it up in a sheltered space so that the bath remains cool even during the hottest period of the day.

Food and water will bring birds temporarily to your home. Creating a greener garden will make your house a permanent residence for birds. Instead of having a concrete garden, you can plant trees and shrubs to encourage birds to nest there. Make your choice depending on the most common birds found in your locality. Birds may start nesting in your house as well. Be prepared to handle this problem to ensure your hobby does not lead to a pest problem in your neighborhood.



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