How to Photograph Birds

Use of high quality cameras to capture photograph of birds during birding expeditions was restricted to rich enthusiasts who could spend a lot of money on their hobby. However, the availability of low cost digital cameras means that even amateur enthusiasts of birding can capture high quality photographs. Before cameras became popular, enthusiasts simply sketched the bird in their field journals...


How to Attract Birds

Bird watching will not be fun if one has to travel huge distances for the same. Traveling a lot may be unavoidable when visiting a birding trail during a vacation. However, traveling many miles on a daily basis for bird watching may not be practical. In such a scenario, attracting birds to your home or backyard makes a lot more sense. 80% of all bird habitats in America are in private hands. Mak...


Are There Different Techniques For Different Birds?

Birding is a comprehensive study of the behavior of the bird in its natural habitat. Since different birds have different habitats, it is important to make the necessary changes in one's methods and techniques as and when necessary. Viewing marine birds requires knowledge of not just the behavioral patterns of the birds but also details of the tides and the wetlands in and around the region...


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