Birding Tools and Supplies

At first glance, one may feel that one needs nothing more than a pair of good eyes to indulge in bird watching or birding. However, this pastime is something more than simply watching birds fly. The most commonly used equipment for birding is a pair of quality binoculars. Some prefer using spotting scopes as well. This helps individuals get a close up view of the bird even from a distance.

The combination of a digital camera and a spotting scope can help take extreme close up pictures of birds without spending a lot of money. Choosing the digital scope carefully and combining it with a standard digital camera will result in excellent quality images.

Other supplies needed include field journals, pencils for sketching the birds, media players to record and replay bird calls, and trekking attire inclusive of warm clothing and quality boots if one is required to travel to wooded birding trails.

Spotting Scopes

It is a common misconception that binoculars and spotting scopes can be used interchangeably. Spotting scopes offer magnification in excess of 20x up to 60x or even 80x. The object will be magnified at 60-80 times it original size. Such high levels of magnification will render the binocular impossible to use. Further, image clarity will deteriorate rendering the device useless. Spotting scopes a...


Other Birding Supplies

A good set of binoculars or spotting scope is enough to get started with birding. However, one will require additional supplies as one takes further interest in this pastime. Birding in the backyard will become a lot simpler if one sets up feeder, bird bath, nectar producing plants, and bird houses in the backyard. These supplies, although not essential per se, will help you spend time with your...



The price of high end binoculars is enough to deter amateur birding enthusiasts. However, it is not necessary to have expensive binoculars in the initial stage. Standard binoculars offering 5x+ magnification is more than enough for beginners. When buying a binocular, it is important to consider power, size, field of view, roof, and eye relief. Power refers to magnification and size refers to the...


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