Other Birding Supplies

A good set of binoculars or spotting scope is enough to get started with birding. However, one will require additional supplies as one takes further interest in this pastime. Birding in the backyard will become a lot simpler if one sets up feeder, bird bath, nectar producing plants, and bird houses in the backyard. These supplies, although not essential per se, will help you spend time with your family in your home even as you follow your hobby.

Birding is all about spotting the bird in its natural surroundings and studying it. Attracting the bird with food and water may not have the same charm as observing the bird in its natural nest. Bird calls and bird song identification resources will help locate the bird in its habitat. Spending many hours searching for the bird may result in a disappointing birding experience.

Other supplies include the right attire ranging from a hardy jacket with pockets for holding the compass, field journals, pencils and even the binoculars to a field bag for carrying the stuff conveniently. A laptop or tablet PC will be helpful in storing digital data or even uploading the same to the Internet. Images of different birds can be stored for instant comparison. This is a very useful option for beginners who cannot rely on their memory or experience to identify birds quickly.

Finally, a first aid kit is a must when traveling on birding trails. Any 'out of the backyard' birding trip must always include a well stocked first aid kit.




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