How to Identify Different Birds

Birding beginners often feel overawed by the ability of expert birders to identify birds in a span of a few seconds. Birding seems a lot more fun when one can focus on multiple birds in a short period of time. There is a specific method to be followed to identify the birds quickly. From the general species to the individual characteristics - each and every aspect can be identified provided one knows what one is looking for.

Size & Shape, Color Pattern, Behavior, and Habitat help determine the general species to which the bird belongs. One useful trick is to compare the basic characteristics of the bird with other well known birds. Comparing beak size of a Sparrow with a Robin will help identify the general species very quickly. Studying the silhouette of birds and their basic characteristics with help of the Internet will help identify birds faster.

The next step is to identify field marks of the bird. From the color pattern of the crown to the shape of the uppertail or undertail coverts - each and every feature is a clue towards the identity of the birds. There are half a dozen field marks on the head and wing of each bird. Identifying at least one such mark will help increase speed of progress.

Birding is all about assimilating theoretical information about various birds and applying the same when actually watching the bird. Learning the mating behavior of birds commonly found and comparing it with the actual mating behavior seen will help identify the bird quickly. A holistic approach combined with experience will help simplify the process of identifying birds.



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