Why Birding? Why Is It So Popular?

Birds have always been an object of fascination and interest for mankind because of their ability to fly. As man's thirst for scientific knowledge grew, birds were observed and analyzed for their ability to fly and also because they formed a part of the complex ecosystem on our planet.

Modern interest in birding is high because birds are beautiful and fascinating creatures with unique characteristics and traits. The sight of a bird in its natural habitat is a very pretty one and the sight of a bird swooping down on a lake to catch a fish or on a grassy patch to grab a caterpillar is spellbinding.

Other reasons why birding is very popular include the fact that it is an opportunity for individuals to spend some time relaxing in the lap of nature. For a person living in an urban area, the smell of the grass, sight of beautiful and colorful birds, sounds of insects and birds in a wooded patch, and the opportunity to study birds from close quarters is an excellent way to get rid of stress.

Birding is also popular because people want the chance to spot a rare bird that was thought to be extinct. Such a discover promises instant popularity in the close knit community of birding enthusiasts. It is no different than an amateur astronomer's desire to spot a new planet or comet.

Today, birding is helping take better care of the habitat of birds. Studying their numbers and characteristics provides data that can be used by government agencies to design better conservation policies.



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